London International Conference on Education

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The London International Conference on Education (LICE) is hosting an event on the 9th – 11th December 2019.
LICE is an international conference which is dedicated to the development of theory and practices in education, it also helps promote the excellence between academics and professionals in education.
Over the years LICE has developed strong networks of leading researchers from different educational fields and is designed so these professionals from these different fields can fill in gaps of knowledge, help promote research and contribute towards the future of education.
The main event provides academics with the opportunity to:

  • Network with global participants
  • Create and develop partnerships/associations with important people from different sectors
  • Learn more about the most recent findings in research and the impact this research has on the future
  • Present your own services and products as well as promote your brand at one of the world’s top international education conferences

This event is open to Undergraduates, Graduates/Postgraduates, Librarians, Study Abroad Advisors, Faculty (Teachers, Lecturers, Researchers, Professors, Head of Department, Deans), Vice-Chancellors, Chancellors, College and University Presidents), Policy Makers and Stakeholders from all sectors of education.

  • هزینه: $ 79,00
  • کل جایگاه: 200
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